Price List

 Item Laundry Dry Cleaning
Suit - 2 pieces $15 $17
Jacket $10 $11
Vest / Shirt / Blouse $8 $9
T-Shirt $7 $8
Trousers / Pants $8 $9
Shorts $5 $7
Sweater $7 $9
Skirt $6 $8
Dress $10 $14
Evening Gown / Overcoat $25 $30
Graduation Gown $22 $25
Scarf / Apron / Tie $6 $7

*Prices stated are in SGD and are inclusive of GST.

 Service Timeline 3 days



  • In case of discrepancy, please report within 5 working days upon receipt of items.
  • Damage is only limited to buttons, shrinkage, discoloration, fading and/or tears to clothing items that are caused whilst under the Hotel’s care. The maximum liability will not exceed 10 times the rate charged for the service.
  • Items will be cleaned according to their respective care label instructions unless otherwise requested by customers. The Hotel reserves the right to exercise direction in the cleaning of the items.
  • The Hotel seeks customer’s understanding that certain clothing materials such as leather, fur and suede have inherent imperfections that may become more apparent after cleaning. Hotel personnel will, as much as possible, highlight this issue to customers prior to cleaning.
  • The Hotel personnel will seek customer’s consent before cleaning should stains be discovered on clothing items prior to wash. The Hotel personnel will, to his/her best ability, clean the item, but does not guarantee a complete removal. In such scenarios, the customer will still be liable to the full cleaning charges. The Hotel shall not be held liable for stains that are not discovered and highlighted to customers prior to wash.
  • All cleaned items must be collected within 2 weeks from the date of receipt. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 3 months.